Mission 1 - "Veni, vidi, vici" [Recon in Force]

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Mission 1 - "Veni, vidi, vici" [Recon in Force]

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Game Set-Up

The Defender places 2 mapsheets connecting the long edges.
Place one Heavy Level 1 (CF 70) building within 2 hexes of a Heavy Woods hex.
The building should be at least 5 hexes from the map edge and cannot be entered by any unit.
Map 1 on the Defender´s side is the Woodlands map. The long edge is the Defenders home edge.
Map 2 on the Attacker´s side is Battletech Standard map.

The Attacker consists of a small portion of the player force and
may use up to four (IS) or five (Clan) units. The Attacker´s home edge
is opposite the Defender´s. Each Omnimech may carry 1 battlearmor.

The Defender is a portion of the planetary defender’s force and consists of 1
lance of mechs of regular skill.

Main Objective:

"I said QUIET!" Destroy the building.

Secondary Objective:

"Knowledge is power": Scan the Building for valuable intelligence.

An attacking unit must end its movement within 2 hex
of the building and declare to scan and download intelligence data during the movement phase.
Units with a probe can scan from up to 4 (IS Beagle probe) or 5 hexes
(Clan active probe) away.
This may be shortened if the building is within an ECM field
at the same time to assist in defeating the computer security.
Data cannot be retrieved from a destroyed building.

Scanning units must have LoS to the building unless they have a probe. Scanning
units cannot perform attacks or spot for indirect fire.

Complete scan: 10+ datapoints

Mech scanning: 2 datapoints/turn
BA scanning: 1 datapoint/turn
Building is within an ECM field: Double the datapoints/turn scanned.
Multiple units can scan the building simultaneously and the datapoints
gathered are combined. Datapoints are added in end phase of the turn.
Mechs that miss a PSR while scanning don´t gather datapoints this turn.

"This is mean": Destroy at least 50% of the jump capable Mechs. Mechs that are
forced of the map withdrawing are not counted towards this objective.

"Guys, we are working on a clock here":
The player can leave the map through the Defenders home edge at any time. Note
the number of turns that passed since the beginning of the mission when the last
attacker leaves the map. Games that last longer than 11 turns give no bonus on
the next tracks.

A player who completes the "Knowledge is power" objective within 11 turns or less gets
one Support point (SP).

The "This is mean" objective is active on all 3 tracks of this mission pack.
Two out of three "This is mean" objectives completed earns the player 1 Support
Point (SP) or 1 Tech Point (TP).

Clan players:
"There is no honor in beating up children":
A Clan player can enter the map with up to 2 Mechs.
If the Main objective is completed the Clan player gets 1 Support point (SP)

Additional rules:
The Defender operates under Forced Withdrawal rules.

Defender Lance

3 Light and 1 Medium Mech

Reward: 1 PP